This page, while addressing topics vitally important to young women, contains information of which men and women of all ages should be aware. If you are a parent of a teenager or a "twenty-something", you definitely need to have the knowledge presented below - and you will want to share this page with your son or daughter - even if he or she is "thirty-something". 

Does "Bodily Autonomy" mean "My Body - My Choice"???

Click here My Body - My Choice?  or on the picture to be enlightened - and entertained - in just one minute. You will then want to learn more from Laura Klassen's excellent website,
(A link to an informative EWTN interview of Laura Klassen is provided below.)

Does the "Bodily Autonomy" argument support Pro-Choice? - or Pro-Life?

"One of the most popular pro-choice arguments in use today is that of bodily autonomy.  Those presenting this argument claim that restrictions on abortion are unlawful because the government has no right to tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her own body.  When the pro-life activist responds by pointing out that the unborn child is a person, the pro-choice proponent is quick to point out that the law cannot force a woman to share her body with another person.  She has a right to bodily autonomy, and this they claim gives her the right to choose whether to kill the child growing inside of her.

The preceding content is from a thought-provoking analysis of this pro-choice argument on the website of,    The Personhood Initiative . This analysis notes that, "In America, the doctrine of bodily autonomy draws its authority from the God-given, and thus unalienable, right to life as recognized by Section 1 of the Fourteenth Amendment (to the U.S. Constitution) where the state is denied the right to "deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."

 The analysis further notes, "Under the Fourteenth Amendment, the state is forbidden from sanctioning any action that causes the unwilling death or suffering of an innocent person."

Citing two fascinating court cases, one involving an operation on Siamese Twin girls that would kill one of the girls (Mary) and another involving a man (McFall) suing to force his cousin to supply him with his bone marrow, the analysis concludes that "the argument from bodily autonomy not only fails to support the pro-choice argument but also provides solid, legal support for prohibitions against abortion.  Abortion, like the surgery that separated Mary and Jodie, constitutes a violation of the bodily autonomy of the unborn child, and as the court found in McFall v. Shimp, permitting such a violation "would change every concept and principle upon which our society is founded."  Such actions cannot be sanctioned by the state."




When does a baby become a person - and first have human rights?

Watch this amusing-but-enlightening one-minute video of  Laura Klassen demonstrating the "magical birth canal": Click on the photo to view this video on Youtube.

You will then want to hear more from Laura Klassen on her intriguing and informative site,

"Okay, I understand that I have a living baby in my womb, but..."

There is a frequently used argument by people who acknowledge that a pregnant woman is carrying a living baby in her womb but believe that she is justified in killing her baby through an abortion simply because "she has the right to refuse to allow the unborn to use her body".  The "Sovereign Zone" Argument "states that even if the unborn is a human being, a woman should still be able to have an abortion because she has the right to do anything she wants with anything inside the sovereign zone of her body".  Timothy Brahm (citing Trent Horn) states this in his thought-provoking paper, "Autumn in the Sovereign Zone". Through telling the fascinating story of a fictitious young woman named Autumn who has just completed her doctorate at the age of thirty and becomes pregnant by her boyfriend, Mr. Brahm dismantles the sovereign zone argument. (Reading time: about 18 minutes) Here is a link to this article on the website of the Equal Rights Institute blog:  Autumn in the Sovereign Zone Timothy Brahm 

The Equal Rights Institute, dedicated to "Training Pro-Life Advocates to Think Clearly, Reason Honestly, and Argue Persuasively" is at this link: Equal Rights Institute 

The Equal Rights Institute blog is "focused on helping pro-life people to be more persuasive when they communicate with pro-choice people".



Consent to what?

Click on this photo of Laura Klassen to link to her one-minute video on Youtube and see why a pile of donuts is so alluring. The take away from this clip shows a dimension of abortion that is not usually discerned. These videos will motivate you to learn more from this informative creator of the site,

If you found these Lauren Klassen videos enlightening and enjoyable, here are a few more:


"Better Off Dead" - Better off Dead


"Ten Months in the Making" - Ten Months in the Making


"No uterus? - NO SAY!" - No Uterus...No Say!


Snopes "fact check" reports that nearly 100 percent of Iceland's pregnant women, testing positive for Down Syndrome, choose to abort their pregnancy. Similar termination rates in other European countries are seen after fetal diagnoses of Down syndrome. In Denmark, the rate is about 98 percent, CBS News reported.  The rate of mothers in the United States choosing to terminate their pregnancy after receiving a Down syndrome diagnosis is about 68 percent. This one-minute Laura Klassen video ostensibly justifies such a decision, in Laura's inimitable manner: 

Blue Hair by Lauren Klassen

To learn more about Laura Klassen, watch this five-minute EWTN interview on Youtube:

EWTN Interview Laura Klassen

"Why do I need a period anyway?"

Unfortunately, there is much misinformation on the internet in regard to  the menstrual cycle.

The Natural Womanhood website,  Natural Womanhood , provides facts and explains the relationship between the menstrual cycle and the immune system, providing answers to important questions such as:

  • What is the role of cervical fluid on immunity of the body?
  • Does hormonal contraception have an effect on immunity?

The Mission of Natural Womanhood states, “Natural Womanhood is the most far-reaching women’s health literacy program since the Pill. We exist because many women are harmed by or at risk from the use of contraceptives, and most don’t know they have a viable alternative.”

Visit this website to find:

Gender Reveal at Only Eight Weeks

("Is it a girl or a boy?!")

A new in-home test is claimed to identify the baby’s gender 8 weeks after conception. This test detects baby's cells that are naturally released into the mother’s bloodstream. 

While we are not able to rate or promote this product, due to lack of knowledge about it, we are providing a link to the site offering this test for sale, enabling those interested to conduct their own investigation. Here is a link to this test, the "SneakPeek At-Home Early Gender Prediction Test"  on Gender Reveal




Once a  month, Dianne Machesney, of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish in the Diocese of Pittsburgh, publishes an excellent newsletter covering a range of Pro-Life topics. We are proud to provide a link to this newsletter for the benefit of people across the entire United States:   Mount Carmel Pittsburgh prolife-newsletters