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Before you consider making an irreversible choice, why not look into your available options first!

Are there physical or psychological risks with an abortion?

Human Life Alliance summarizes facts on their website that you may not realize. Click the picture to read about this before you decide.


"I am so grateful because I was not only able to forgive [my birth mother] for having that abortion that took my twin away from me, but we've been able to share our stories so that eyes can be opened to the truth and reality of what abortion does."

"It changed me, it made me want to be a voice and to use my face, my name, and my story to show people and show the world that babies do survive abortions, and we are human, just like everyone else"

-Claire Culwell is an abortion survivor who spoke at the March for Life in 2020.  She lives to tell the story of how abortion not only affected her, but also her birth mother. To learn more about her story, click on the picture.


If you took your first dose of abortion pill(s) within the last 72 hours, there may still be time to SAVE your baby! CALL 877-558-0333  ASAP!



Here are some caring agencies, available to support you:



*Women's Choice Network 

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    text:  412-385-3303                                 




   call: 412-621-1988



Housing at Genesis House:     call: 412-766-2693

*Choices Pregnancy Services

   call: 412-248-7353

*Catholic Charities           

   call: 412-456-6999


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(Listening and Help for your Needs)

Call/Text:  888-550-1588                     

text HELPLINE to 313131


Post-abortion healing: 

(A place for Healing) 

(A place for Hope) 

(Support for Healing) 

(Hope, Healing and More)


What takes place during pregnancy?

The Endowment for Human Development has a website with short videos which shows the progress of a baby developing in the womb from conception. Click the baby to see more.


What happens during an abortion procedure?

By clicking this picture, you will be directed to a webpage from and be able to see and understand what happens during a Dilation and Extraction abortion (D & E abortion). Although it is in cartoon form, it may be hard to watch. Dr. Levantino, a former abortion doctor, explains the procedure as you watch it being performed. 


New Mexico Abortion Business Sends 35th Woman to Hospital

June 11, 2020

Late-term abortion business Southwestern Women’s Options in Albuquerque, New Mexico, has sent its 35th woman directly from the facility to the hospital for a medical emergency following an abortion.
Operation Rescue reported that pro-life advocate Patty Woodworth shared images of the incident on her Facebook page. She told Operation Rescue that the ambulance turned off its lights and sirens when it arrived at the abortion business and did not turn them on as it left. “No lights and sirens” is a request sometimes made by abortion businesses to avoid having attention drawn to their medical emergencies and botched abortions. The decision to use no lights or sirens can potentially delay a patient’s transport to the hospital, putting the patient at further risk.

Last month, newly obtained documents revealed that over a dozen elective abortions are being committed daily on preborn babies 20 weeks and older at Southwestern Women’s Options. The abortion business also has a history of injuring women including causing a ruptured uterus during an abortion on a woman who was 35 weeks pregnant. Boyd is currently being sued for the death of Keisha Atkins, who died from complications after she underwent an abortion at six months at Southwestern Women’s Options. Evidence also points to the facility illegally supplying aborted baby body parts to the University of New Mexico.

The foregoing paragraphs are excerpts from the June 11, 2020 article appearing on the website of Here is a link to this article on this site: Late-term Abortion Hospitalization

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This story isinspiringheartwarminga beautiful witnessfrom the beginning. Click the picture to hear the story!