The Performance of the Trump/Pence Administration is thoroughly covered in President Trump: Record and Positions

Additionally, throughout our site, you will find documentation of the performance of the Trump/Pence Administration. Use the drop-down menus to select the topics you wish to study.
Jesse Romero's book "A CATHOLIC VOTE FOR TRUMP"* provides a link to a list of accomplishments of the Trump/Pence administration (created by Robby Starbuck and available on the website). In order to eliminate any concerns you may have regarding linking to this site, we downloaded the pdf file and saved it in our Dropbox file. Here is a direct link to this document in our Dropbox file:
Using this link, you can safely read the list or download it as a pdf file.
* A Catholic Vote for Trump is published by Tan Books and is available from Tan Books at

For quotations from this book, refer to President Trump's Support of Christians