“You will know them by their fruits. Every good tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit.”

Gospel of Saint Matthew: Chapter 7: Verses 15 to 18

President Trump: Record and Positions

"We can have the largest economies and the most lethal weapons anywhere on Earth, but if we do not have strong families and strong values, then we will be weak and we will not survive." - U.S. President Donald Trump, speaking to the people of Poland in Krasinski Square, in Warsaw, Poland on July 6, 2017 (Link here for additional content of this speech: President Trump's Values .)
"The core rights and values that America defends today were inscribed in America’s founding documents… The true good of a nation can only be pursued by those who love it: by citizens who are rooted in its history, who are nourished by its culture, committed to its values, attached to its people, and who know that its future is theirs to build or theirs to lose....Wise leaders always put the good of their own people and their own country first." - U.S. President Donald Trump, addressing the 74th General Assembly of the United Nations in New York, N.Y. on September 24, 2019 (Link here for additional content of this speech: Faithfulness to the U.S.A.'s Founders' Principles & Guidelines".)

December 29, 2020: Link to the  Proclamation on the 850th Anniversary of the Martyrdom of St. Thomas Becket on the website of the White House. This proclamation by President Trump knits together many of his statements in the speeches appearing below, revealing his strong Christian Faith and commitment to following in the footsteps of our nation's Founding Fathers. He states, "Thomas Becket’s death serves as a powerful and timeless reminder to every American that our freedom from religious persecution is not a mere luxury or accident of history, but rather an essential element of our liberty. It is our priceless treasure and inheritance. And it was bought with the blood of martyrs..The Proclamation continues:

"As Americans, we were first united by our belief that “rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God” and that defending liberty is more important than life itself. If we are to continue to be the land of the free, no government official, no governor, no bureaucrat, no judge, and no legislator must be allowed to decree what is orthodox in matters of religion or to require religious believers to violate their consciences. No right is more fundamental to a peaceful, prosperous, and virtuous society than the right to follow one’s religious convictions...."

"A society without religion cannot prosper. A nation without faith cannot endure — because justice, goodness, and peace cannot prevail without the grace of God...."

"As I declared in Krasiński Square in Warsaw, Poland on July 6, 2017, the people of America and the people of the world still cry out: “We want God.” (Scroll down or link here Speech in Krasinski Square, Warsaw, July 6, 2017 for more content of President Trump's speech in Warsaw.)


The record and positions of the Trump/Pence administration and the actions taken by this administration and by President Trump directly are documented elsewhere in this website, organized according to the issues and topics as listed in our drop-down menus above. This page of our site focuses on the character and capabilities of President Trump as revealed by his actions and words. Here is a table of contents of the sections below:

President Trump’s Vision for America


President Donald Trump addressed the nation on Friday evening, July 3

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

Following are key excerpts from this speech, copied from the transcript (for which a link is provided below):
There could be no better place to celebrate America’s independence than beneath this magnificent, incredible majestic mountain and monument to the greatest Americans who have ever lived. Today we pay tribute to the exceptional lives and extraordinary legacies of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt.

I am here as your president to proclaim before the country and before the world, this monument will never be desecrated, these heroes will never be defamed, their legacy will never ever be destroyed, their achievements will never be forgotten.

Our founders launched not only a revolution in government, but a revolution in the pursuit of justice, equality, liberty, and prosperity. No nation has done more to advance the human condition than the United States of America and no people have done more to promote human progress than the citizens of our great nation. It was all made possible by the courage of 56 patriots who gathered in Philadelphia 244 years ago and signed the Declaration of Independence. They enshrined a divine truth that changed the world forever when they said, “All men are created equal.” These immortal words set in motion the unstoppable march of freedom.

Our founders boldly declared that we are all endowed with the same divine rights, given us by our Creator in Heaven, and that which God has given us, we will allow no one, ever, to take away. 1776 represented the culmination of thousands of years of Western civilization and the triumph of not only spirit, but of wisdom, philosophy, and reason.

And yet, as we meet here tonight, there is a growing danger that threatens every blessing our ancestors fought so hard for, struggled, they bled to secure. Our nation is witnessing a merciless campaign to wipe out our history, defame our heroes, erase our values, and indoctrinate our children. Angry mobs are trying to tear down statues of our founders, deface our most sacred memorials, and unleash a wave of violent crime in our cities. Many of these people have no idea why they’re doing this, but some know what they are doing. They think the American people are weak and soft and submissive, but no, the American people are strong and proud and they will not allow our country and all of its values, history, and culture to be taken from them.

Tonight, I will tell you, and, most importantly, the youth of our nation, the true stories of these great, great men.

From head to toe George Washington represented the strength, grace, and dignity of the American people. From a small volunteer force of citizen farmers, he created the Continental Army out of nothing and rallied them to stand against the most powerful military on earth. Through eight long years, through the brutal winter at Valley Forge, through setback after setback on the field of battle, he led those patriots to ultimate triumph. When the army had dwindled to a few thousand men at Christmas of 1776, when defeat seemed absolutely certain, he took what remained of his forces on a daring nighttime crossing of the Delaware River. They marched through nine miles of frigid darkness, many without boots on their feet, leaving a trail of blood in the snow. In the morning, they seized victory at Trenton. After forcing the surrender of the most powerful empire on the planet at Yorktown, General Washington did not claim power but simply returned to Mount Vernon as a private citizen.

Abraham Lincoln, the savior of our union, was a self-taught country lawyer who grew up in a log cabin on the American frontier. The first Republican president, he rose to high office from obscurity based on a force and clarity of his anti-slavery convictions.

No movement that seeks to dismantle these treasured American legacies can possibly have a love of America at its heart. Can’t happen. No person who remains quiet at the destruction of this resplendent heritage can possibly lead us to a better future. The radical ideology attacking our country advances under the banner of social justice, but in truth, it would demolish both justice and society. It would transform justice into an instrument of division and vengeance and it would turn our free and inclusive society into a place of a repression, domination, and exclusion.

We declare that the United States of America is the most just and exceptional nation ever to exist on earth. We are proud of the fact that our country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles and we understand that these values have dramatically advanced the cause of peace and justice throughout the world. We know that the American family is the bedrock of American life. We recognize the solemn right and moral duty of every nation to secure its borders… We remember that governments exist to protect the safety and happiness of their own people. A nation must care for its own citizens first. We must take care of America first. It’s time. We believe in equal opportunity, equal justice, and equal treatment for citizens of every race, background, religion and creed. Every child of every color, born and unborn, is made in the holy image of God.

"We want free and open debate, not speech codes and cancel culture. We embrace tolerance, not prejudice. We support the courageous men and women of law enforcement. We will never abolish our police or our great Second Amendment which gives us the right to keep and bear arms. We believe that our children should be taught to love their country, honor their history, and respect our great American flag. We stand tall, we stand proud, and we only kneel to Almighty God. This is who we are. This is what we believe and these are the values that will guide us as we strive to build an even better and greater future.

Referring to those responsible for the riots and looting in American cities, President Trump stated, “they want power for themselves, but just as patriots did in centuries past, the American people will stand in their way and we will win and win quickly and with great dignity. We will never let them rip America’s heroes from our monuments or from our hearts. By tearing down Washington and Jefferson, these radicals would tear down the very heritage for which men gave their lives to win the Civil War, they would erase the memory that inspired those soldiers to go to their deaths, singing these words of the Battle Hymn of the Republic, “As he died to make men holy, let us die to make men free, while God is marching on.” They would tear down the principles that propelled the abolition of slavery and ultimately around the world ending an evil institution that had plagued humanity for thousands and thousands of years.”

He continued to state that those behind the riots and looting “would tear apart the very documents that Martin Luther King used to express his dream and the ideas that were the foundation of the righteous movement for Civil Rights. They would tear down the beliefs, culture and identity, that have made America the most vibrant and tolerant society in the history of the earth. My fellow Americans, it is time to speak up loudly and strongly and powerfully and defend the integrity of our country.

We will proclaim the ideals of the Declaration of Independence and we will never surrender the spirit and the courage and the cause of July 4, 1776. Upon this ground, we will stand firm and unwavering. In the face of lies meant to divide us, demoralize us and diminish us, we will show that the story of America unites us, inspires us, includes us all, and makes everyone free.

We must demand that our children are taught once again to see America as did Reverend Martin Luther King when he said that the founders had signed a promissory note to every future generation. Dr. King saw that the mission of justice required us to fully embrace our founding ideals. Those ideals are so important to us, the founding ideals. He called on his fellow citizens not to rip down their heritage, but to live up to their heritage. Above all, our children from every community must be taught that to be American is to inherit the spirit of the most adventurous and confident people ever to walk the face of the Earth.

From this night, and from this magnificent place, let us go forward united in our purpose and rededicated in our resolve. We will raise the next generation of American patriots. We will write the next thrilling chapter of the American adventure. And we will teach our children to know that they live in a land of legends, that nothing can stop them, and that no one can hold them down. They will know that, in America, you can do anything, you can be anything, and together, we can achieve anything.

Uplifted by the titans of Mount Rushmore, we will find unity that no one expected. We will make strides that no one thought possible. This country will be everything that our citizens have hoped for - for so many years, and that our enemies fear, because we will never forget that the American freedom exists for American greatness. And that’s what we have, American greatness. Centuries from now, our legacy will be the cities we built, the champions we forged, the good that we did, and the monuments we created to inspire us all. My fellow citizens, America’s destiny is in our sights. America’s heroes are embedded in our hearts. America’s future is in our hands. And ladies and gentlemen, the best is yet to come. This has been a great honor for the First Lady and myself to be with you. I love your state. I love this country. I’d like to wish everybody a very happy Fourth of July to all. God bless you. God bless your families. God bless our great military, and God bless America. Thank you very much. Thank you."

A transcript of the President’s speech is found on the website of the White House.


Here is a link to the transcript on the whitehouse.gov site: Mount-Rushmore-speech-transcript

Faithfulness to the U.S.A.’s Founders’ Principles and Guidelines

On September 24, 2019, President Trump addressed the 74th General Assembly of the United Nations in New York. In this speech, he referred to our nation’s Founders and the lasting lessons they have for us in the 21st Century. Here are the closing statements of the President’s speech:

The core rights and values that America defends today were inscribed in America’s founding documents. Our nation’s Founders understood that there will always be those who believe they are entitled to wield power and control over others. Tyranny advances under many names and many theories, but it always comes down to the desire for domination. It protects not the interests of many, but the privilege of few.

Our Founders gave us a system designed to restrain this dangerous impulse. They chose to entrust American power to those most invested in the fate of our nation: a proud and fiercely independent people.

The true good of a nation can only be pursued by those who love it: by citizens who are rooted in its history, who are nourished by its culture, committed to its values, attached to its people, and who know that its future is theirs to build or theirs to lose. Patriots see a nation and its destiny in ways no one else can.
Liberty is only preserved, sovereignty is only secured, democracy is only sustained, greatness is only realized, by the will and devotion of patriots. In their spirit is found the strength to resist oppression, the inspiration to forge legacy, the goodwill to seek friendship, and the bravery to reach for peace. Love of our nations makes the world better for all nations.

So, to all the leaders here today, join us in the most fulfilling mission a person could have, the most profound contribution anyone can make: Lift up your nations. Cherish your culture. Honor your histories. Treasure your citizens. Make your countries strong, and prosperous, and righteous. Honor the dignity of your people, and nothing will be outside of your reach.

When our nations are greater, the future will be brighter, our people will be happier, and our partnerships will be stronger.
With God’s help, together we will cast off the enemies of liberty and overcome the oppressors of dignity. We will set new standards of living and reach new heights of human achievement. We will rediscover old truths, unravel old mysteries, and make thrilling new breakthroughs. And we will find more beautiful friendship and more harmony among nations than ever before.

My fellow leaders, the path to peace and progress, and freedom and justice, and a better world for all humanity, begins at home.
Thank you. God bless you. God bless the nations of the world. And God bless America. Thank you very much.

Here is a link to the transcript of President Trump’s 9/24/19 address to the 74th General Assembly of the United Nations - on the whitehouse.gov website: President Trump at UN 74th Session

The Role of the U.S.A. on the World Stage


President Trump's September 24 2019 address to the 74th General Assembly of the United Nations, provides a summary of the President's vision of America’s role and responsibilities on the world stage, as well as his perception of his responsibility as the leader of our nation.

Here are key excerpts from this speech:

Americans know that in a world where others seek conquest and domination, our nation must be strong in wealth, in might, and in spirit. That is why the United States vigorously defends the traditions and customs that have made us who we are.

Like my beloved country, each nation represented in this hall has a cherished history, culture, and heritage that is worth defending and celebrating, and which gives us our singular potential and strength.

The free world must embrace its national foundations. It must not attempt to erase them or replace them.

Looking around and all over this large, magnificent planet, the truth is plain to see: If you want freedom, take pride in your country. If you want democracy, hold on to your sovereignty. And if you want peace, love your nation. Wise leaders always put the good of their own people and their own country first.
The future does not belong to globalists. The future belongs to patriots. The future belongs to sovereign and independent nations who protect their citizens, respect their neighbors, and honor the differences that make each country special and unique.
It is why we in the United States have embarked on an exciting program of national renewal. In everything we do, we are focused on empowering the dreams and aspirations of our citizens.

As we defend American values, we affirm the right of all people to live in dignity. For this reason, my administration is working with other nations to stop criminalizing of homosexuality, and we stand in solidarity with LGBTQ people who live in countries that punish, jail, or execute individuals based upon sexual orientation.

We are also championing the role of women in our societies. Nations that empower women are much wealthier, safer, and much more politically stable. It is therefore vital not only to a nation’s prosperity, but also is vital to its national security, to pursue women’s economic development. Guided by these principles, my administration launched the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiatives. The W-GDP is first-ever government-wide approach to women’s economic empowerment, working to ensure that women all over the planet have the legal right to own and inherit property, work in the same industries as men, travel freely, and access credit and institutions.

Yesterday, I was also pleased to host leaders for a discussion about an ironclad American commitment: protecting religious leaders and also protecting religious freedom. This fundamental right is under growing threat around the world. Hard to believe, but 80 percent of the world’s population lives in countries where religious liberty is in significant danger or even completely outlawed. Americans will never tire in our effort to defend and promote freedom of worship and religion. We want and support religious liberty for all.

Americans will also never tire of defending innocent life. We are aware that many United Nations projects have attempted to assert a global right to taxpayer-funded abortion on demand, right up until the moment of delivery. Global bureaucrats have absolutely no business attacking the sovereignty of nations that wish to protect innocent life. Like many nations here today, we in America believe that every child -“ born and unborn -“ is a sacred gift from God.

Here is a link to the transcript of President Trump’s 9/24/19 address to the 74th General Assembly of the United Nations on the whitehouse.gov website: President Trump at UN 74th Session


To clearly see what President Trump stands for and fights for, we highly recommend that you watch this four-minute video of highlights of President Trump’s above-quoted 9/24/19 address to the 74th General Assembly of the United Nations on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jgw6ZhUlFDw

President Trump’s Values


On July 6, 2017, President Donald Trump delivered a public speech to the people of Poland in front of the Warsaw Uprising Monument at Krasinski Square, in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. This speech sheds light on the President’s personal values and beliefs:

President Trump spoke of St. Pope John Paul’s triumphant return to Poland in June 1979 when “one million Poles gathered around Victory Square for their very first Mass with their Polish Pope, that day, every communist in Warsaw must have known that their oppressive system would soon come crashing down.” The President continued, “They must have known it at the exact moment during Pope John Paul II's sermon when a million Polish men, women, and children suddenly raised their voices in a single prayer. A million Polish people did not ask for wealth. They did not ask for privilege. Instead, one million Poles sang three simple words: "We Want God". Together, with Pope John Paul II, the Poles reasserted their identity as a nation devoted to God. And with that powerful declaration of who you are, you came to understand what to do and how to live.

Here are key excerpts from this speech:

On both sides of the Atlantic, our citizens are confronted by yet another danger, one firmly within our control. This danger is invisible to some but familiar to the Poles: the steady creep of government bureaucracy that drains the vitality and wealth of the people. The West became great not because of paperwork and regulations but because people were allowed to chase their dreams and pursue their destinies. Americans, Poles, and the nations of Europe value individual freedom and sovereignty.

We must work together to confront forces, whether they come from inside or out, from the South or the East, that threaten over time to undermine these values and to erase the bonds of culture, faith and tradition that make us who we are. If left unchecked, these forces will undermine our courage, sap our spirit, and weaken our will to defend ourselves and our societies.”

We empower women as pillars of our society and of our success. We put faith and family, not government and bureaucracy, at the center of our lives. And we debate everything. We challenge everything. We seek to know everything so that we can better know ourselves. And above all, we value the dignity of every human life, protect the rights of every person, and share the hope of every soul to live in freedom. That is who we are. Those are the priceless ties that bind us together as nations, as allies, and as a civilization.

We can have the largest economies and the most lethal weapons anywhere on Earth, but if we do not have strong families and strong values, then we will be weak and we will not survive.
The conclusion of this speech appears below.
Here is a link to the transcript of this speech on the website of the White House: President Trump - Poland Speech
Video Link: President Trump Speech July 7, 2017

“Donald Trump’s speech in Warsaw’s Krasinski Square was one that any American could take pride in. Indeed, if you took Trump’s name off of the speech transcript, and read it without knowing which American president had delivered these words, almost any objective observer would say that it was a magnificent statement of American values.” - Mark A. Theissen, Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute.


A good clue to the character of a man is the character of the men and women who make the decision to support him - and do so loyally. In the case of Donald Trump, the support and loyalty of Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Attorney General William Barr attest to the character of Donald Trump. Two other Trump supporters, Mark Meadows, who served in the U.S. House of Representatives from xxx to xxx and Senator Ted Cruz, On June 12, 2020, Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles sat down with White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows for his first public interview since his appointment to the position. In this extended conversation, Mr. Meadows pulls back the curtain and gives listeners a glimpse into the inner workings of the West Wing in the age of Trump. Here is a link to this interview on YouTube:

Here are President Trump’s closing words in his speech in Warsaw, Poland, stressing that both the U.S.A. and Poland are "Nations under God":

Referring to the 1944 Warsaw Uprising, when the Poles bravely fought against the German Nazis, defending Jerusalem Avenue, President Trump stated:

The memories of those who died in the Warsaw Uprising cry out across the decades... These heroes remind us that the West was saved with the blood of patriots; that each generation must rise up and play their part in its defense...

Our own fight for the West does not begin on the battlefield - it begins with our minds, our wills, and our souls. Today, the ties that unite our civilization are  no less vital, and demand no less defense, than that  bare shred of land (Jerusalem Avenue) on which the hope of Poland once totally rested. Our freedom, our civilization, and our survival depend on these bonds of history, culture and memory.
And today, as ever, Poland is in our heart, and its people are in that fight. Just as Poland could not be broken, I declare today for the world to hear that the West will never, ever be broken. Our values will prevail. Our people will thrive. And our civilization will triumph.
So, together, let us all fight like the Poles - for family, for freedom, for country, and for God.
Thank you. God Bless you. God bless the Polish people. God bless our allies. And God bless the United States of America.
Here is a link to the transcript of this speech on the website of the White House: President Trump - Poland Speech
Video Link: President Trump Speech July 7, 2017

Respect for Human Dignity and Life

An overview of President Trump's position and actions in relation to the respect for human dignity and life that is called for by the Catholic Church and most Protestant churches is found on the website of the Susan B. Anthony List, comparing the President's position and actions with those of Joe Biden. Here is a link to this comparison on the Susan B. Anthony List site: LIFE issues


For more documentation of President Trump's position and actions in regard to respecting human dignity and life, link here to our site's Parties' Stand On Life page.


President Trump on Terrorism and Muslim Nations

Link here to  President Trump's Speech to the Arab Islamic American Summit   on our site's "Foreign Relations" page - or use our drop-down menu. In this speech, President Trump articulates both his position regarding the elimination of terrorism and his vision of the relationships between the U.S.A. and Muslim nations.

President Trump on Foreign Relations


Pompeo: Al Qaeda a 'shadow' of its former self

March 9, 2020

• The Taliban peace agreement marks a "historic opportunity" to "turn the corner" and make sure the United States is "never attacked again from Afghanistan," Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Friday.

• In an interview on "Fox & Friends" Pompeo said that violence in Afghanistan is "actually significantly down," prompting President Trump to take action. "President Trump has seized the moment," he said, though noting that Afghanistan is a "difficult place."

• "Look, we are not naive," he said. "We all know who the Taliban are and what they have done to America. But, it's time. It is time to seize this opportunity."

• The agreement with the Taliban was pre-conditioned to hold only if the terrorist group met their end of the bargain, and on Wednesday the U.S. carried out its first airstrike on the Islamist militant group since announcing the deal.

• "… the Taliban have signed up to a whole series of conditions," he said. "There's no attacks on 34 provincial capitals, there's no attacks on Kabul, there's no suicide bombers, there's no vehicle-borne suicides, no attacks against U.S. forces, no attacks against coalition [forces]  - “ there's a whole laundry list of these things that aren't happening."

• "We did what President Obama had tried to do," Pompeo told the "Friends" hosts, "which was to get the Taliban to make a public break with Al Qaeda. The very reason we went there -- the reason we went there after this city was attacked, was to go destroy Al Qaeda. We have largely taken it down."
• "Al Qaeda is a shadow of its former self," he stated. "it's now time to turn the corner to make sure that we [are] never attacked again from Afghanistan."

The foregoing paragraphs are excerpts from the March 9, 2020 article appearing on the website of Fox News. Here is a link to this article on this site: Pompeo on Al-Qaeda

Link here to our Foreign Relations page for ten case histories of the Trump/Pence administration's  2017-2020 accomplishments and relationship building pertaining to Iran, China, Russia, Venezuela, India, Europe, Saudi Arabia and Syria. In particular, read the highlights of President Trump's exceptional speech to the leaders of 50 Muslim countries at the 2017 Arab Islamic American Summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,.

Link here to our  Religious Freedom page to learn about the President Trump's June 2, 2020 Executive Order on International Religious Freedom to help foster religious freedom in other countries. This article is entitled, "President Trump Visits St. Pope John Paul II Shrine".


HHS Secretary Alex Azar departing for Taiwan - August 9, 2020


From Breitbart News on August 9, 2020:

Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar told Breitbart News exclusively he views his trip to Taiwan as a message from the United States to the world that Taiwan is and has been a “very important partner” with the U.S. when it comes to global health security.

Azar touched down in Taiwan on Sunday, marking the first trip from this high-ranking of a U.S. official since the United States shifted formal diplomatic recognition in the late 1970s under former Democrat President Jimmy Carter from Taiwan’s government, the Republic of China, to the People’s Republic of China (PRC)—run by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on the mainland in Beijing.

“Taiwan has been a very important partner of the United States, but also of the world community as a model of transparent, collaborative, and cooperative approaches to public health throughout the last several years, but especially during the COVID-19 crisis,” Azar told Breitbart News on Friday afternoon, ahead of his trip. “It’s important that I go to reaffirm the partnership that the United States has with Taiwan in public health, but also to hold up Taiwan as a model to the types of behaviors that are important in the international community.”

Taiwan and the United States have never been closer than during the Trump administration, Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu told Breitbart News during an interview at the end of a trip that Breitbart News took to Taiwan last year. Wu said the relationship’s strength was “unprecedented.”

“Overall speaking, the warmth and the support coming from the Trump administration these days is unprecedented and we enjoy these kinds of relationships,” Wu said in the interview in the spring of 2019. “As a result, you can rest assured, Taiwan will continue to work with the United States on whatever kinds of issues Taiwan can make a contribution.”


The above content is from the August 9 2020 article on the website of Fox News. Here is a link to this article on the Breitbart News website: Breitbart News Azar Taiwan Visit


Moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem


"Today, we finally acknowledge the obvious: that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital." - President Donald J. Trump

FULFILLING A PROMISE: President Trump kept his promise by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and opening the U.S. Embassy there

On December 6, 2017, President Trump kept his promise, announcing that the United States would begin recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and officially open our Embassy there.

  • Congress urged the President to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel with the bipartisan 1995 Jerusalem Embassy Act – a call unanimously reaffirmed by the Senate in 2017.
  • After decades of past Presidents committing to move the Embassy to Jerusalem on the campaign trail, only to renege on those promises while in office, President Trump has fulfilled his promise to support one of America’s strongest allies.
  • More than two decades of waivers delaying the Embassy move brought us no closer to a lasting peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.

On May 14, 2018, the United States officially opened our Embassy in Jerusalem, Israel, 70 years to the day that President Truman recognized Israel as an independent country, making the United States the first nation to do so.

President Trump has recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and advanced peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

Announcing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is simply a recognition of reality.

  • Israel is a sovereign nation and, like every other sovereign nation, has the right to choose its own capital.  Yet for 70 years we neglected to extend this basic courtesy to Israel that we extend to other countries.
  • Jerusalem is the seat of the modern Israeli government.  It is the home of the Israeli Parliament and the Israeli Supreme Court.  It is the location of the official residence of the Prime Minister and President, as well as the headquarters of many government ministries.

The above content is sourced from the White House website. Here is a link to this briefing on the  White House website: White House Briefing - Embassy move to Jerusalem


The following content is from a December 12, 2017 article on the website of The Catholic Thing. A link to the complete article appears below.

When President Donald Trump announced that the United States would move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the Muslim world reacted with outrage and threats. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas warned of “dangerous consequences.” The spokesman for Turkish president Erdogan warned that the move was a “grave mistake” because “Jerusalem is our red line.” Bekir Bozdag, the Deputy Prime Minister, said the move would plunge the world “into a fire with no end in sight.” And Saudi Arabia’s King Salman warned that the move “would constitute a flagrant provocation of Muslims all over the world.”

The leaders of the Western world reacted in similar fashion. Pope Francis, British Prime Minister Theresa May, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and French President Emmanuel Macron all criticized Trump’s announcement.

By assuming that Muslims would riot over the announcement, the pope and other leaders are inadvertently admitting the truth about Islam: “that the numerous incitements to violence and hatred in the Quran and Sunnah do tend to lead to Muslims behaving violently at the drop of a hat, or the move of an embassy.

Even Pope Benedict’s measured address to an academic gathering at the University of Regensburg led to global rioting and killing.

There is no end to the number of things that offend Muslims. This, along with numerous other differences, should lay to rest the quaint notion that there is a moral equivalence between Islam and Catholicism. They are very different faiths. No one worries about global rioting should Catholics be offended by a slight to their faith. Yet if any group has cause to riot, it is Catholics and other Christians. Christians in many parts of the Islamic world face daily persecution and even extermination. They are beaten, raped, and decapitated, and their churches are burned to the ground.

So, on the one hand, Muslim believers are ready to commit mayhem over an academic talk or the moving of an embassy, and on the other hand, Christians remain peaceful even though their brethren are being slaughtered and burned alive. How much longer, one wonders, will leaders collaborate in the false assertion that Islam and Christianity are equally peaceful faiths?

Religious and secular leaders are caught in a flagrant contradiction. They tell us that Islam is a religion of peace and justice, yet they warn us not to provoke its followers in any way. Don’t recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Don’t draw cartoons that might offend Muslims. Don’t wear religious symbols that might provoke them. Cover your women and your statutes. Don’t ring church bells in the vicinity of Muslims. Don’t criticize them for persecuting Christians because, as Ahmed al-Tayeb, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar University told Pope Francis, such criticism is a “red line” that must not be crossed.

“Just stay quiet and you’ll be okay.” That’s what Mohamed Atta told the passengers on American Airlines flight 11 shortly before it flew into the World Trade Center. It wasn’t good advice then. And it’s not good advice now. As Islam expands its global reach, it’s becoming increasingly evident that the “don’t-do-anything-to-provoke-them” policy isn’t working, and never will.

Source: Thecatholicthing.org - 12/12/17 - William Kilpatrick
Link to the article on the website of thecatholicthing: American Embassy to Jerusalem


Further developments regarding Israel: August 13, 2020:  UAE’s Normalization of Relations with Israel
August 13, 2020: OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) issued the following statement today after the State Department announced that the United Arab Emirates and Israel have reached an agreement to normalize relations between the two nations:

“Any day we can talk about inching closer to peace in the Middle East is a good day. The UAE is the first Arab state to normalize relations with Israel since Israel’s treaty with Jordan in 1994, and today’s agreement is arguably the most significant peace development in the Middle East in a quarter century. Israel remains our friend and ally and a bastion of democracy in the Middle East. I am grateful for President Trump’s leadership with the Israeli government and with Israel’s neighbors to help the nations forge lasting bonds that will hopefully continue to yield peace and cooperation in the region.”

Link to the above statement and other important information on the  website of Senator Lankford here:  UAE Relations with Israel

Link to the joint statement of the U.S.A., the State of Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) here: 



Here is the preamble of this joint statement:

President Donald J. Trump, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the United Arab Emirates spoke today and agreed to the full normalization of relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

This historic diplomatic breakthrough will advance peace in the Middle East region and is a testament to the bold diplomacy and vision of the three leaders and the courage of the United Arab Emirates and Israel to chart a new path that will unlock the great potential in the region. All three countries face many common challenges and will mutually benefit from today’s historic achievement.

Is Trump a Racist?


Link here to Is Trump a Racist?  on our Race Relations page for the answer to this question: Hear from Evangelist Alveda King, Catholic Evangelist Jesse Romero, Dr. Ben Carson and others who know Donald Trump and work with him.

Link here to our  Race Relations  page for documentation of President Trump's working relationships with African American leaders and the actions undertaken by President Trump's Administration to help African Americans.

Use the link in the frame below to hear Pastor Marc Little's 5-minute evaluation of President Trump and the work he has done to help African Americans.


Photo at left: Marc Little, pastor, lawyer and board chairman of Star Parker’s Center for Urban Renewal and Education (Marc Little is a partner of GriggsLittle, a Los Angeles-based law firm - and pastor of No Longer Bound Abortion & Miscarriage Recovery Ministry, Inc., a ministry that provides a safe place for spiritual healing and deliverance through Jesus Christ to women and men who have been emotionally wounded by abortion and/or miscarriage.)

From the website of BlackCommunityNews, posted on March 6, 2020: Marc Little was one of the pastors who prayed over President Donald Trump. Mr. Little and other black Americans who were with him have been mocked for doing so by various comedians and talk show hosts. Mr. Little responded to one mocker, Jimmy Kimmel,  in this eloquent 5-minute information-filled video:

Blackcommunitynews.com Black pastor who prayed with Trump

To gain valuable insight into the current protesting and violence in the name of "black lives" and "race", link below to watch EWTN's Raymond Arroyo's 9-minute interview (June 11, 2020) with pastor Marc Little, who states, "It is not about race.. It is a spiritual matter... We have an organization (Black Lives Matter) that is leading us into anarchy. It's not about race. It's about power." Asked about the role of black pastors in healing America, he states, "We have to understand that it's about identity in Christ, first and foremost..."

Here is the link to this important video of the 06/11/20 interview on EWTN's highly recommended weekly news summary, The World Over:

Facebook.com Pastor Marc Little with Raymond- Arroyo

President Trump on Children’s Education

President Trump is calling on Congress to pass the Education Freedom Scholarships and Opportunity Act and give 1 million children the freedom to attend a school of their choice. Learn more on the website of the White House via this link:

Trump/Pence Administration - School Choice

Learn more about the Trump/Pence Administration's approach to Education by linking here to our site's Education page - or use the drop-down menu.


President Trump’s Support of Christians

Marjorie Dannenfelser

February 2, 2020:

Marjorie Dannenfelser, President of the national pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List:

President Trump is the most pro-life President in history… His support for life pervades his administration and his policies. He is unwavering in defense of the unborn and he has put his words into action”.

Marjorie Dannenfelser made the above statement shortly after President Trump became the first President to speak at the National March For Life in Washington, D.C. on January 24, 2020. In his speech, President Trump stated, “When we see the image of a baby in the womb, we glimpse the majesty of God’s creation… Every person is worth protecting. And above all, we know that every human soul is divine and every human life, born and unborn, is made in the holy image of Almighty God.”

The above content is from the February 2, 2020 article appearing on the website of Fox News. Here is a link to this article on this site: Foxnews.com Marjorie Dannenfelser Trump most pro-life president

For highlights of this speech, link to our site’s Parties Stand on Life


Consider the recent evaluations by Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York, commenting on both President Trump and the Democratic Party: Link here: Cardinal Dolan on President Trump and the Democratic Party (in our Parties' Stand On Life page).


In the photo to the left, Cardinal Dolan attends the Saint Patrick's Day parade in New York - March 17, 2018  (photo from the website of the Archdiocese of Baltimore)

"The tree is known by its fruit." (Gospel of St. Luke: Chapter 6, Verse 44)

President Trump's character is known by his actions: Listen to the appraisals of respected Christian Faith leaders:

Scroll down to hear from

  • Coach Lou Holtz, of Notre Dame Fighting Irish fame,
  • Evangelist Alveda King, 
  • Jesse Romero, Catholic author, radio host and Evangelist, and former Los Angeles Police Department Sheriff’s Deputy,
  • Attorney Bill Donohue, Ph.D., President of the Catholic League, and
  • Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life and President of the National Pro-Life Religious Council.

Also, at the bottom of this page, hear from Franklin Graham (son of Billy Graham).

Link here to our Faith Teaching  page for additional Christian Faith leaders' guidance in regard to how Christians need to vote, in good conscience.


Lou Holtz Head football coach at the University of Notre Dame from 1986 to 1996

June 14, 2020

Lou Holtz words:

President Trump is doing the right thing for American Catholics, and the wider religious community. He will continue to be a voice for the unborn, he will continue to stand with the people of faith, and he will ensure Catholics have a seat at the table in his Administration
He has followed through on his promise to appoint conservative, Constitutionalist judges, something that will have a positive impact on issues related to the church for decades to come.

President Trump’s commitment to the religious community reaches far beyond our borders. He moved our embassy to Jerusalem - “The birthplace of Catholicism  - “even though the five previous presidents promised to do so yet failed.
The president’s time in office has been promises made, promises kept.

I encourage my fellow Catholics to support a president who, in my mind, has done more to advance the cause of religious freedom and liberty than any other president.

For Coach Holtz’s complete statement, and the source of this statement, refer to our website’s Church Leaders’ Voting Guidance page.

Alveda King

Evangelist Alveda King of Alveda King Ministries:

President Trump “has not only made promises, he has kept those promises, across the gamut…Religious freedom, opportunities to worship and not fear here in America, reuniting America’s families… There are just so many things that we are receiving.

The above content is from the February 16, 2020 article appearing on the website of Fox News. Here is a link to this article on this site: Foxnews.com Alveda king black history month

Jesse Romero

Jesse Romero, Catholic author, radio host and Evangelist, and former Los Angeles Police Department Sheriff’s Deputy:

The president has fought the good fight for the people who elected him. He has done much to instill hope in millions around the country who had none, hope for the future and the future of their children, and he has loved his people, who in turn have loved him. He will fight to the death to allow us Catholics to live out our lives of faith and hope and love in a free society. May God bless Donald John Trump.

The preceding content is from the book, "A CATHOLIC VOTE FOR TRUMP: The Only Choice in 2020 for Republicans, Democrats, and Independents Alike" - published by Tan Books. Purchase this book on the Tan Books Website


We highly recommend Jesse Romero's website,  Jesse Romero  and  the The Terry and Jesse Show on  the website of   Virgin Most Powerful Radio :  Terry Barber and Jesse Romero are two men, by the grace of God, ready to set your soul on fire with the love of Jesus! This dynamic duo has been sharing the Catholic truth without compromise on traditional broadcast radio for eleven years – and they’re just getting started! Well-known for their straight talk and power preaching, Terry and Jesse daily inform and inspire with clarity and charity.

Bill Donohue

Bill Donohue, President of the Catholic League:

When it comes to the defense of religious liberty, President Trump is more Catholic than JFK was.”

May 14 2020

After Cardinal Timothy Dolan was condemned for praising President Donald Trump for championing the faith of Americans like few presidents have, a Catholic leader has come to the defense of both.

After reviewing President Trump's record on religious freedom since taking office, Catholic League president Bill Donohue is lauding the chief executive for dozens of actions he's taken to protect and take back the constitutional right that has increasingly come under attack over the decades.

The above content is excerpted from the May 14 2020 article appearing on the website of One News Now. Here is a link to this article on this site: Onenewsnow.com Catholic League praise of Trump

Here is a link to a pdf of the above-referenced list of 31 religious liberty actions taken by the Trump/Pence administration - on the website of the Catholicleague.org List Trump Religious Liberty


We highly recommend subscribing to the newsletter of the Catholic League. Visit the Catholic League's website to subscribe: Catholic League

Father Frank Pavone


Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life and President of the National Pro-Life Religious Council:

No president has protected religious freedom and conscience more than President Trump. And he has done so proactively, putting in place executive policies that enable faith-based organizations to do their work with fewer obstacles, and without discrimination, and punishing institutions that violate existing law that protects religious freedom. President Trump even created a new federal office to protect conscience and religious freedom!”
“The election is not about private virtue; it is about public virtue. Instead of worrying about the president's marriages, ask yourself what impact the judges he appoints will make on the shape of marriage in our country for the next generation. Instead of worrying how religious he is, ask yourself what impact his policies will have on the Church's freedom to help people live out their religion for the next generation. Instead of being concerned about the tweets he sends, pay more attention to the laws he signs. It's the public virtue, not the private virtue, that should shape our vote.”

The above statements appear in Father Pavone’s Foreword to the above-referenced 2020 book, “A Catholic Vote for Trump”. ROMERO, JESSE. CATHOLIC VOTE FOR TRUMP: the Only Choice in 2020 for Republicans, Democrats, and Independents Alike. TAN Books & PUB, 2020.

For additional related comments by Father Pavone, link here to our site’s Church Leaders’ Voting Guidance

Here is a link to a list of President Trump’s Pro-Life Accomplishments  - ’ on the website: Priestsforlife.org Trump Prolife accomplishments

To learn about the Trump/Pence Administration's position and actions in regard to protecting the lives of unborn babies, link here to our Parties' Stand On Life  page - or use our drop-down menu.


To learn about the Trump/Pence Administration's position and actions regarding religious freedom, link here to our Religious Freedom page - or use our drop-down menu.

For more information on President Trump's support of the Catholic Church, visit www.catholicvote.org

Here is a link to a 60 seconds' video of President Trump, making a commitment to support the Catholic Church: President Trump's Commitment to the Catholic Church This is on the website of Catholic Vote. 


In the photo to the right: Amy Coney Barrett, a devout Catholic, nominated by President Trump to fill the new vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court


President Trump’s Response to the Coronavirus

Refer to our Coronavirus page for a timeline of the actions taken by the Trump/Pence Administration, collected from news accounts, government documents and the chronology on the Think Global Health website.
The timeline of the administration's actual actions evidences that, as outlined in quoted articles by Deroy Murdock, contributing editor with National Review Online, and senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research, "Team Trump has battled the virus that causes the respiratory disease COVID-19 with vigor and ingenuity since before this unprecedented global crisis suddenly exploded" and "Trump fights the coronavirus effectively..."
The facts speak for themselves, negating the partisan portrayal of this Administration's response by politically aligned members of the media. Deroy Murdock states, "This worldwide pandemic should be free of partisan sniping. Alas, too many politicians and politically aligned members of the media have been more focused on attacking the president than the pathogen. All these partisan complaints are baseless, as the timeline chronicle confirms.
Learn President Trump's plan regarding opening schools this autumn via this link to the website of the White House:

National Association of Police Organizations endorses Trump

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump

July 16, 2020

The National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) endorsed President Trump’s reelection Wednesday, praising his “steadfast and very public support” for law enforcement. “We particularly value your directing the Attorney General to aggressively prosecute those who attack our officers”, the organization wrote.

NAPO did not endorse a candidate in the 2016 election but endorsed former President Barack Obama and then-Vice President Joe Biden in both the 2008 and 2012 elections.

NAPO President Michael McHale said Trump's support is needed “during this time of unfair and inaccurate opprobrium being directed at our members by so many.”

The police association, which represents more than 1,000 police associations and 241,000 officers, met with Trump on Monday.

Our officers have been under vicious assault”, Trump said Monday during a roundtable with people whose lives have been positively impacted by law enforcement. “Reckless politicians have defamed our heroes as the enemy…These radical politicians want to defund and abolish the police.”

Trump added: “My administration is pro-safety, pro-police and anti-crime.

Joe Biden was a very strong supporter of (the police) years ago, and he's been kidnapped now by the anti-police rhetoric,” Paul Digiacomo, the president of the Detective Endowment Association, told Fox Business. “There's a big question amongst our members if Joe Biden is going to stand up and support the police.”

The foregoing paragraphs are excerpts from the July 16, 2020 article appearing on the website of Fox News. Here is a link to this article on this site: FoxNews.com Police endorse Trump

First Catholic First Lady Since Jackie Kennedy

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump

The Strong Faith of America’s First Catholic First Lady Since Jackie Kennedy

As the purpose of this website is to provide factual information to enable you to discern how to vote on November 3, we would be remiss if we did not make you aware that First Lady Melania Trump is a practicing Catholic. Traditionally, the First Lady of the United States plays an important role, someone to whom girls and young women look to for inspiration. Evidencing her good influence on her husband and on the people of the United States is the following message from the First Lady and the President:

On Ash Wednesday, February 26, 2020, President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump issued a formal Presidential Message stating the following:

Melania and I wish everyone observing Ash Wednesday a peaceful and prayerful day.”

“For Catholics and many other Christians, Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the Lenten season that concludes with the joyful celebration of Easter Sunday. Today, millions of Christians will be marked on their foreheads with the sign of the cross. The imposition of ashes is an invitation to spend time during Lent fasting, praying, and engaging in acts of charity. This powerful and sacred tradition reminds us of our shared mortality, Christ’s saving love, and the need to repent and accept the Gospel more fully.

“We join in prayer with everyone observing this holy day and wish you a prayerful Lenten journey. May you grow closer to God in your faith during this blessed season.”

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Get to know the First Lady: Watch this short video (ten minutes) of First Lady Melania Trump being interviewed on December 12, 2018 on the aircraft carrier USS George HW Bush  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kO4quvokpBo


Learn about First Lady Melania Trump's "BE BEST" program for children on the White House website: https://www.whitehouse.gov/bebest/

"It remains our generation’s moral imperative to take responsibility and help our children manage the many issues they are facing today, including encouraging positive social, emotional, and physical habits..."
Melania Trump

First Lady of the United States


List of 2017-2020 Accomplishments

The book, "A Catholic Vote for Trump"*, by Catholic Evangelist and retired veteran of the Los Angeles County Sherrif's Department, Jesse Romero, with John McCullough, includes a "General List of Accomplishments in Trump's First Term" (in Appendix 2). This list was assembled by Robby Starbuck and is available on the website "docdroid.net" (It is entitled "List of Trump Accomplishments in the Years 2017, 2018 and 2019" . In order to eliminate any concerns you might have regarding linking to the docdroid.net site, we downloaded the pdf file and saved it in our Dropbox file - to ensure your safety. Here is a direct link to this document in our Dropbox file:



Using this link, you can safely read the list or download it as a pdf file.


Additionally, throughout our site, you will find documentation of the accomplishments of the Trump/Pence Administration. Use the drop-down menus to select the topics you wish to study.


* A Catholic Vote for Trump is published by Tan Books and is available from Tan Books at www.TANbooks.com.

For quotations from this book, refer to the section above, President Trump's Support of Christians


Establishment of National Garden of American Heroes

On July 3, 2020, President Trump issued an executive order to establish a “National Garden of American Heroes” as well as the establishment of an “Interagency Task Force for Building and Rebuilding monuments to American Heroes.”

Trump made the announcement during a speech at Mount Rushmore on July 3. After recounting the story of the United States of America, from the July 4, 1776 Declaration of Independence - to George Washington’s leadership of the Continental Army and victory over the British Army - to Abraham Lincoln’s fight and victory over slavery - to Martin Luther King’s civil rights victories, he stated:

"Americans must never lose sight of this miraculous story. We should never lose sight of it. Nobody has ever done it like we have done it. So today, under the authority vested in me as President of the United States, I am announcing the creation of a new monument to the giants of our past. I am signing an executive order to establish the National Guard of American heroes, a vast outdoor park that will feature the statues of the greatest Americans to ever live.

The order lists statues that should be included in the National Garden. The list includes:

• John Adams
• Susan B. Anthony
• Clara Barton
• Daniel Boone
• Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
• Henry Clay
• Davy Crockett
• Frederick Douglass
• Amelia Earhart
• Benjamin Franklin
• Billy Graham
• Alexander Hamilton
• Thomas Jefferson
• Martin Luther King, Jr.
• Abraham Lincoln
• Douglas MacArthur
• Dolley Madison
• James Madison
• Christa McAuliffe
• Audie Murphy
• George S. Patton, Jr
.• Ronald Reagan
• Jackie Robinson
• Betsy Ross
• Antonin Scalia
• Harriet Beecher Stowe
• Harriet Tubman
• Booker T. Washington
• George Washington
• Orville and Wilbur Wright

The foregoing paragraphs are excerpts from the July 7, 2020 article appearing on the website of CNS News. Here is a link to this article on this site: CNSNews.com Trump American Heroes

Here is a link to the executive order on the website of the White House: Whitehouse.gov Executive order American heroes

Executive Order on Protecting American Monuments, Memorials, and Statues with a mandatory penalty of 10 years in prison Link: CNSNEWS.com Mount Rushmore


Current Administration

2017 to Present:


Despite Coronavirus Crisis, Trump Finds Time To Pray

Despite the fact that President Trump has to spend all his time dealing with the decisions to be made vis-a-vis the coronavirus, he heard that Vice President Mike Pence was about to join a conference call with 700 pastors and asked to join them so they could pray together.

Trump told the pastors, “I want to thank you for praying for our country and for those who are sick. You do such an incredible job. You’re very inspirational people. And I’m with you all the way. You know that: You see what we’ve done for right to life and all of the things that we’ve been working so hard on together.”

After Perkins prayed for the president, Trump offered, “You know, you mentioned the word ‘stamina.’ We do need stamina. So, thank you very much.”

After Trump left the call, Pence stated, “The president and I couldn’t be more inspired by the way communities of faith have been stepping up …And you are demonstrating what the president today called ‘the greatness of American character’ …And we want to urge you on. We want a full partnership with you in sharing best practices again.”

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson added, “God is merciful… And we will get through this.” He opined that the crisis Americans face may be an opportunity for God to show His power that will “help us return to Him.” He concluded, “God still has His hand on this nation. And He has His hand on all of us.”

Link to article: President Prays                                   

Source: Dailywire.com - 3/24/20


As Amy Williams watches, her husband Sgt. 1st Class Townsend Williams, greets their son, Rowan, 3, after her husband surprised her by appearing at the State of the Union address by President Donald Trump on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020. Their daughter, Elliana, also watches her brother reuniting with their Dad.

February 4, 2020: State of the Union address

“War places a heavy burden on our nation's extraordinary military families, especially spouses like Amy Williams from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and her two children -- 6-year-old Elliana and 3-year-old Rowan,” Trump had said.
“Amy works full-time and volunteers countless hours helping other military families,” Trump continued. “For the past seven months, she has done it all while her husband, Sgt. 1st Class Townsend Williams, is in Afghanistan on his fourth deployment to the Middle East," , . "Amy's kids have not seen their father's face in many months. Amy, your family's sacrifice makes it possible for all of our families to live in safety and peace -- we thank you.”
And that's where the prepared remarks ended for a few moments. Instead of continuing to read the speech distributed to officials and the press, Trump instead announced that he had a surprise for Williams.
"But Amy there's one more thing. Tonight we have a very special surprise," he said. "I am thrilled to inform you that your husband is back from deployment, he is here with us tonight and we couldn't keep him waiting any longer."
And with that, Sgt. 1st Class Williams walked up to hug his wife and two small children as lawmakers stood and cheered.
The reunion was the first time a military family has been surprised by a homecoming as part of the State of Union address. It is also believed to be the first surprise reunion in the House chamber.
The foregoing content is extracted from the February 4, 2020 articles appearing on the website of Foxnews.com and the website of Military.com. Here are links to these two articles on these sites:
On the Fox News site: Trump Surprises Military Family
On the Military.com site: Family Homecoming

Socialism? … or the Self-Government of the U.S. Constitution?

On February 21, 2019, President Trump stated (at a rally in Las Vegas):

"Socialism is a sad and discredited ideology rooted in the total ignorance of history and human nature, which is why socialism, eventually, must always give rise to tyranny. Socialists profess a love of diversity, but they always insist on absolute conformity."
"We know that socialism is not about justice, it's not about equality, it's not about lifting up the poor. Socialism is about one thing only: power for the ruling class. And the more power they get, the more they crave. They want to run health care, run transportation and finance, run energy, education - run everything."
"Socialism promises prosperity, but it delivers poverty."
"Socialism promises unity, but it delivers hatred and it delivers division. Socialism promises a better future, but it always returns to the darkest chapters of the past."
The link to the entire speech on the C-Span website: President Trump Speech

Preceding Administration

2008 to 2016:


Franklin Graham Tells Trump Haters to ‘Give It a Rest’


“For 2 years all the American people heard was collusion. Not true,” Graham said. “Then accusations seemed to come out of the woodwork by various women. Then all we heard was impeachment. Now it’s a whistleblower claim.”
“President Trump was elected to do a job,” Graham said in another tweet. “Let’s pray for him, that God will give him wisdom to make the right decisions for the American people and to do his job well.”

Prior to the 2016 elections, Graham said, “You may have to hold your nose and vote…I have people that say, ‘Well, I don’t like Donald Trump. I don’t like what he says.’ Well, I don’t like what he said, either. I promise I don’t like it. But those are things that he said 11 years ago, not something that he said today.”
“I think Donald Trump has changed,” Graham added. “I think God is working on his heart and in his life.”
Not long after the elections, Rev. Graham again voiced his belief that Mr. Trump was by far the better candidate for the White House, proposing that it was the “hand of God,” rather than Russian hackers, that determined the outcome of the election.



All I know is Donald Trump was supposed to lose the election” according to all the polls, Graham said.

“For these states to go the way they did, in my opinion, I think it was the hand of God,” he said. “It wasn’t hacking. It wasn’t Wiki-leaky or whatever. It was God, in my opinion, and I believe his hand was at work, and I think he’s given Christians an opportunity.”

Source: Thomas D. Williams Ph. D. – Breitbart.com – 9/23/19
Link: Franklin Graham 2019